December 11 solar eclipse horoscope

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Partial Solar Eclipse of June The next partial solar eclipse occurs at the Moon's descending node in Taurus.

Lunar Eclipse – Saturday, December 10, 2011

The event is visible from high latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere Figure 2. The eclipse begins at sunrise in Siberia and northern China where the penumbral shadow first touches Earth at UT. Two hours later, greatest eclipse occurs at UT. At that time, an eclipse of magnitude 0. Although most of Alaska and northern Canada will witness the partial eclipse, the southern limit of the penumbra falls along a curve from south of Fairbanks to central New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Reykjavik, Iceland receives a 0. Northern most Norway, Sweden and Finland also get a midnight Sun eclipse with the event hanging above the northern horizon. The partial eclipse ends at UT when the penumbra leaves Earth just north of Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean. Eclipse times and local circumstances for major cities in North America, Europe and Asia are given in Table 2.

The Sun's altitude, azimuth, the eclipse magnitude and obscuration are given at the instant of maximum eclipse. This is the 68th eclipse of Saros The family began with a group of 8 partial eclipses from the years to The Saros ends with a small partial eclipse in Complete details for the entire series of 72 eclipses in the order: 8 partial, 40 total, 2 hybrid, 15 annular and 7 partial spanning years can be found at:. Total Lunar Eclipse of June The Moon passes deeply through Earth's umbral shadow during this rather long event.

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The total phase itself lasts minutes. The last eclipse to exceed this duration was in July The Moon's contact times with Earth's umbral and penumbral shadows are listed below. At the instant of greatest eclipse [ 5 ] the umbral eclipse magnitude [ 6 ] will reach 1. The Moon's southern limb will lay Thus, the northern regions of the Moon will probably appear brighter than the southern regions that lie deeper in the shadow.

Since the Moon samples a large range of umbral depths during totality, its appearance will change dramatically with time.

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It is difficult to predict the exact brightness distribution in the umbra so observers are encouraged to estimate the Danjon value at different times during totality see Danjon Scale of Lunar Eclipse Brightness. Note that it may also be necessary to assign different Danjon values to different portions of the Moon i.

Nearly 30 years ago Jul 06 , the author watched another total lunar eclipse with the Moon in the same part of the sky. I was amazed at how brilliantly the summer Milky Way glowed since it was all but invisible during the partial phases. Observers will have a similar opportunity during June's eclipse. The summer constellations are well placed for viewing so a number of bright stars can be used for magnitude comparisons with the totally eclipsed Moon.

Figure 3 shows the path of the Moon through the penumbra and umbra as well as a map of Earth showing the regions of eclipse visibility. The entire event will be seen from the eastern half of Africa, the Middle East, central Asia and western Australia. Observers throughout Europe will miss the early stages of the eclipse because they occur before moonrise. Fortunately, totality will be seen throughout the continent except for northern Scotland and northern Scandinavia. Eastern Asia, eastern Australia, and New Zealand will miss the last stages of eclipse because they occur after moonset.

Again, the total phase will be seen from most of these regions. Even observers in eastern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina will witness totality. However, none of the eclipse will be visible from North America.

At mid-eclipse, the Moon is near the zenith for observers from Reunion and Mauritius. Table 3 lists predicted umbral immersion and emersion times for 20 well-defined lunar craters. The timing of craters is useful in determining the atmospheric enlargement of Earth's shadow see Crater Timings During Lunar Eclipses. The June 15 total lunar eclipse is the 34th member of Saros , a series of 71 eclipses occurring in the following order: 8 penumbral, 20 partial, 14 total, 22 partial, and 7 penumbral lunar eclipses Espenak and Meeus, a spanning years.

Complete details for Saros can be found at:.

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Partial Solar Eclipse of July Just one lunation after the previous one, the third solar eclipse of the year takes place at the Moon's descending node in western Gemini. Such a remote and isolated path means that it may very well turn out to be the solar eclipse that nobody sees.

What the Eclipse Looked Like Near the Maximum Point

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I exaggerate, obviously, but not really. Hello friend, our site has moved to a new address. Please click here. Got it! Personality Love Money Health. Your Daily Horoscope. The last total eclipse is on Jul 26 and the final eclipse of the series is on May Complete details for this Saros series can be found at: Saros Click for detailed diagram Total Solar Eclipse of July The eagerly awaited total solar eclipse of July 02 is the first one since the Great American Total Eclipse of Such a close Moon during a total eclipse typically produces a long duration of totality - especially if the path passes near the Equator.

In the case of the July 02 event, the maximum duration is just over 4. The total eclipse is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses the Pacific Ocean and southern South America. A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon's penumbral shadow, which includes the Pacific Ocean and most of South America Figure 3.

Oeno Island is a remote coral atoll and is part of the Pitcairn Islands. Unfortunately, there is no other landfall along the entirety of the Pacific track of kilometers. The region enjoys especially dry and clear weather - so much so that a string of major international astronomical observatories have been built there, including Cerro Tololo, La Silla and Gemini South.

After crossing the Andes, the lunar shadow descends into Argentina for the last segment of its track. The shadow covers the kilometer-stretch across Argentina in only 3 minutes. In Argentina, San Juan lies just inside the southern limit while Cordoba is 75 kilometers north of the track.

Just before the path ends, it barely misses Buenos Aires, the northern edge only 30 kilometers south of the center of the capital. Nevertheless, all roads leading from Buenos Aires to the central line will probably be clogged with traffic on eclipse day. At UT1 the lunar shadow lifts off Earth and returns to space. Central line coordinates and circumstances are presented in Table 3.

Partial phases of the eclipse are visible across the southern Pacific Ocean and South America. Local circumstances for a number of cities in South America are found in Table 4. The Sun's altitude and azimuth, the eclipse magnitude and obscuration are all given at the instant of maximum eclipse at each location. The Jul 02 Solar Eclipse Circumstances Calculator is an interactive web page that can quickly calculate the local circumstances for the eclipse from any geographic location not included in Table 4.

This is the 58th eclipse of Saros Espenak and Meeus, All eclipses in the series occur at the Moon's ascending node and gamma decreases with each member in the family. The series is a mature one that began with a modest partial eclipse on Oct After 20 partial eclipses in the series and more than 3 centuries, the first umbral eclipse occurred on May The event was a 2-minute total eclipse through New England, eastern Canada and Greenland.

During the next 2 centuries, the umbral duration continued to increase as each path shifted progressively southward. The greatest umbral duration of Saros occurred during the total eclipse of Aug Unfortunately, the 5 minute 40 second total eclipse was only visible from equatorial Africa, which was virtually inaccessible to astronomers of the day. As the duration of each succeeding eclipse decreased, the paths reversed their southern migration and drifted northward during the 18th and 19th centuries.

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This effect occurred as a result of the Northern Hemisphere season shifting from winter to summer when the Northern Hemisphere tipped towards the Sun. The southbound trend of the Saros series resumed with the eclipse of May At this point, the duration of totality at greatest eclipse had again increased to over 5 minutes. The most recent member occurred on Jun 21 and its path crossed southern Africa on the summer solstice. After , the next member occurs on Jul 13 and passes through Australia and New Zealand. On Jul 24, the series returns to the African continent producing a path through South Africa.

The duration of totality drops as Saros continues to produce total eclipses during the 21st century. The last total eclipse of the series occurs on Aug 15 and lasts a maximum of 1 minute 38 seconds. The final 20 eclipses of the series are all partial events in the polar regions of the Southern Hemisphere.

The family terminates with the partial eclipse of Feb Click for detailed diagram Partial Lunar Eclipse of July It takes place 4. At the instant of greatest eclipse UT1 the Moon lies near the zenith from a location in South Africa. The event is well placed for observers in Europe, Africa, and South Asia. None of the eclipse will be visible from North America.

december 11 solar eclipse horoscope December 11 solar eclipse horoscope
december 11 solar eclipse horoscope December 11 solar eclipse horoscope
december 11 solar eclipse horoscope December 11 solar eclipse horoscope
december 11 solar eclipse horoscope December 11 solar eclipse horoscope
december 11 solar eclipse horoscope December 11 solar eclipse horoscope
december 11 solar eclipse horoscope December 11 solar eclipse horoscope
december 11 solar eclipse horoscope December 11 solar eclipse horoscope
december 11 solar eclipse horoscope December 11 solar eclipse horoscope
December 11 solar eclipse horoscope

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