Libra weekly tarot november 22 2019

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Knowing that, at least explore every idea or offer, and no matter how strange an encounter, get to know the individual in question. Some may remain perplexing. But many will turn into a source of joy, prosperity and lasting pleasure. Between the presence of your ruler Mars in painstaking Virgo and the current emotionally intense Full Moon in that sign, others are in a demanding mood and you find yourself feeling guilty about things you rarely notice.

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As much as you love being surprised by others, most of those around you know exactly what kind of surprises you welcome, and not. But certain individuals pay little attention to such matters and, in fact, one has promised you something special. Their surprise will thrill you. Discuss those unspoken issues now, and in depth. Of course, if you tackle them now, those surprises are less likely. Obviously, this is worrying.

At least explore. You could be in for a welcome surprise. Whatever you organise, recognise this is only the beginning.

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Being a sensible earth sign, you hate wasting time. In fact, some should be ignored. Often you must explain your plans to those who know little about the situation, setting or the people involved. That is, if you expect somebody to join in with your plans, take action.

Then, next time, tell them to get involved. The move by the communication planet, Mercury, into Virgo on your birthday accents the need to, first, review these matters for yourself. That, alone, will be challenging but rewarding. Next is discussing these with others. Few things annoy you more than those who avoid forthright discussions but, instead, use guilt as a springboard to make requests.

Instead, take another approach. In fact, things are getting worse. This probably has more to do with the actual problem. That being the case, get involved. Everybody will be glad you did. As generous as you can be when things are going your way, recent changes in longstanding plans or unexpected events have brought out your stubborn side. Being a painstaking Virgo, you can sometimes get so caught up in improving on existing arrangements that you brush off new ideas without giving them much thought.

Not only is there plenty to explore, certain insights, ideas or offers could be amazingly profitable. From that stillness insights will surface, about those issues and, equally, others. However, with the New Moon indicating not just changes but very real breakthroughs. At least explore what arises. Admittedly, they no longer work.

At least consider it. It would be no surprise if others are in an argumentative mood. Or, alternatively, it may be you who feels ready to confront tricky issues or difficult people. This is welcome, except for the fact that certain of the individuals are amazing stubborn. The challenge is convincing them to go with the flow, at least for the moment. The time has come to be tough. Some will involve longstanding ideas a few, and those that are most exciting, will be new and, often completely unexpected.

Explore it all, including what seems unappealing. Judging by the powerful links between your ruler Venus, Mars and the Sun to Uranus, planet of innovation, exciting ideas, offers and events have your head spinning. Most Geminis are flexible. But, also, there are certain times where your stubborn streak comes out, which has been the case recently. Let go. It will be far easier than you think. The trick is to avoid blaming anybody but, instead, to focus on discussing solutions and, ideally, to suggest several.

This will take some thinking, but the results will more than justify the effort. Often, the influence of the New Moon is felt and acted on before it takes place. Actually taking advantage of those is quite another matter. This is especially the case now. Ordinarily, you distrust those who say one thing one day, and another the next. But with the foundation on which arrangements are based shifting, and frequently, you and those around you have learnt to regard even the simplest of plans as tentative. The recent one triggered unexpected twists and turns, equally, raised questions about keeping things as they are versus making changes.

Explore them all.

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Even what seems unlikely will prove amazingly inspiring. And you promised the same to them. The problem is, you meant it and have acted on that promise, more than once. This is a tough lesson, but one to learn from. This is about embracing the adventurous side of your nature. Try and be patient. When you made certain plans or commitments in mid-August, they meant a lot. Enough you can say farewell to that arrangement and move on, still together but more relaxed. Most of the time, others see your charming, easygoing side. Recent seriously challenging situations forced you to reveal how determined, if not inflexible, you can be.

This is causing confusion. Adopting a consistent approach may seem cold and uncaring, but it really is the best option. To the extent, in fact, you ignore or even forget about everything and everybody else. While, usually, obligations can wait, certain individuals are feeling neglected. Pressing as other matters are, they need the kind of support and attention only you can give. True, from your perspective, that may be the last thing you have in mind.

Recent changes may have been exciting but also created chaos.

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Congratulate yourself. Because you know last minute changes upset certain individuals, you do all you can to avoid them. However, not only is a sudden rethink of plans inevitable, it will benefit them as much as it does you. But with so much in transition at the moment, the more flexible arrangements and, in fact, your ideas are, the better. Yet again, your Sagittarian knack for being in the right place, or meeting the right person, at the right time has worked in your favour.

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With so much changing so swiftly, certain arrangements must go and new ones be arranged immediately. From your point of view, facts are exactly that, reliable information. Be aware, however, that not everybody shares your painstaking approach to such matters. Actually, many mix up rumours and ideas with genuine factual knowledge.


When dealing with somebody else, first determine which approach they take. However, benefitting from those ideas, offers or events has meant making changes. Some involve longstanding arrangements, others newer plans but those that mean a lot. Few things are more challenging for you than watching others struggle, yet being unable to do anything.

Obviously, you make plans. Which means that, whatever sort of Virgo you are, the stunning events, ideas or offers promised by your birthday chart are bound to be a surprise. You can start to feel a boost in amazing positivity that contributes to you feeling energized and emotionally strong. Cancer, nothing is necessarily wrong.

Your needs, wants and desires are growing. As you mature and develop into the new person you're becoming, remember that change is a process and growing pains is part of the experience. Leo, for you to feel fulfilled in your career and love life, get your thoughts in order.

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From planning out finances to making time for self-care, you'll notice a change in the world based upon how you prioritize. Virgo, don't settle for anything superficial. Dive in deeply when having a conversation. Are there things in your heart that need to be shared? Take a chance to improve where you feel more dissatisfied with your relationship.

Scorpio, you do everything you can to rise up to a challenge and succeed. You want to know what you're getting into before you fully commit. Your answer is coming soon. Libra, call a truce and pause for the sake of yourself and your relationships. Guide the conversation rather than let your feelings get hurt.

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Don't strike where things were not meant to be personal. Ask questions and learn to understand. Sagittarius, don't feel bad for wanting what you want. You're not asking for much, maybe just to be better than you were before. People will learn to appreciate your desire to have high standards, especially at work. Capricorn, make a commitment to your dreams. You might have to make some changes so that there's room for the dreams you have in your heart to fit into your life. Aquarius, dance as if no one is watching. Give yourself permission to be.

What you wish for is coming. This week, an older person or from in your past may become a mentor to help you see new things in your life. Pisces, everyone has troubles, but believe in miracles anyway.

libra weekly tarot november 22 2019 Libra weekly tarot november 22 2019
libra weekly tarot november 22 2019 Libra weekly tarot november 22 2019
libra weekly tarot november 22 2019 Libra weekly tarot november 22 2019
libra weekly tarot november 22 2019 Libra weekly tarot november 22 2019
libra weekly tarot november 22 2019 Libra weekly tarot november 22 2019

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