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The story takes an unexpected turn, when, unbeknownst to the customer, the astrologer recognizes him and tells him about something that happened in the past.

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  • Critical Appreciation of the short story ‘An Astrologer’s Day by R.K.Narayan’.

Calling the customer by name, the astrologer recounts how the customer had once been stabbed and left for dead, but had been saved by a bystander. The astrologer tells the customer that he must stop looking for the man who stabbed him so long ago, because to do so would be dangerous, and anyway, the perpetrator is dead. The customer, not recognizing the astrologer, is impressed that he should know about his past.

When the astrologer goes home, his wife asks about his day. He tells her that he has been relieved of a great load; he had once thought that he had killed someone, but had today discovered that the victim was well and very much alive. The wife is mystified, but the astrologer goes to bed for an untroubled night of sleep. The Uses of Irony Can we always tell the difference between good and evil? Are good people always good and evil people always bad? Narayan provides no answers to these questions.

In the world he creates here, almost nothing is what it seems to be, and one unexpected event follows another—for both readers and characters. The author uses irony to build suspense during the fortunetelling scene. When Nayak challenges the astrologer to answer some specific questions about his future, we expect the astrologer to fail, since he is, according to the narrator, a fraud. Instead, the astrologer produces a surprising amount of accurate information about Nayak, including his name.

He knows that Nayak is from the north, and he knows that long ago Nayak was stabbed, thrown into a well, and left for dead. Once the astrologer recognizes Nayak, however, he uses the truth to deceive him. Every situation in this story takes an unexpected twist.

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Nothing turns out as we, or the characters, expect. First, an astrologer who satisfies his customers with the things he says is revealed as a fake. Then, the fraud suddenly seems to have supernatural knowledge. Toynbee Unit-III 2. He sat in a noisy area. He earned moderately every day. He analyzed the troubles of mankind and had a sharp perception which helped him understand the problem of the customer. He had left his village without any prior plan or thought.

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Once when it was already night and he was about to pack up, a man came and seized him. He challenged the astrologer to answer his questions. He lured him by saying that he will give him one rupee if his answers were right otherwise the astrologer will give all the earning of that day.

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The astrologer saw his face in the light, when the customer lit a cheroot. There comes a change in his behaviour.

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He was afraid and wanted to go but the customer insisted and stopped him. Astrologer then starts talking about a past incident in the life of the customer.

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He told him that once someone tried to kill him. The customer asked him where could he get him but astrologer told that the man had already died when he was crushed under a lorry. He convinced the customer guru Nayak to go back and never come there saying that it was a risk to his life.

Short Story - An Astrologer's Day by author R. K. Narayan - Complete story and analysis in HINDI

The customer went away. At the end we come to known that ironically astrologer had left his village thinking that he had killed Guru Nayak. He had started living as an astrologer but the man was alive. He is relieved at the end.

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